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Steps to Save Money and Protect your Health this Winter

Steps to Save Money and Protect your Health this Winter

On October 18, 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency provided steps Americans can take to save money, reduce energy costs, and protect their health at the same time.  Some of the steps seem simple, but all of the steps can have dramatic effects.  

1. Maintain your Heating Equipment
Make sure to maintain your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  Schedule a cleaning by a licensed contractor, and make sure to regularly change your air filter to reduce allergens and dust.  

2. Use Energy Star Light Strings if Decorating
Christmas lights with an Energy Star rating use 65 percent less energy that regular lights and last 10 times longer.  

3. Program your Thermostat to Lower the Temperature
Lower the temperature in your home by 8 degrees while you sleep and while you’re at work.  The EPA states you can reduce your energy costs by 12 percent by simply programming your thermostat.  

4. Install new WaterSense Products
The average household spends about $500 every year on water and sewer utilities.  Installing water efficient fixtures around the home can save $170 a year on average.  

5. Replace that Old Wood Stove
New, more efficient wood stoves use a third less wood than older wood stoves and they let off about 70 percent less particle pollution within the home.  

6. Look for Cleaning Products with a DfE Logo
Cleaning products with a DfE logo are the safest cleaning products for people and the environment.  The EPA states that Americans reduced harmful chemicals by 756 million pounds in 2011 just by using DfE products.  

7. Test for Radon Gas
About 1 in 15 homes has high levels of radon which can cause lung cancer.  The levels of radon increase in the winter, so buy a test kit and test your home.  

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency