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Poaching Animals

Poaching animals is a big problem, especially in certain geographic locations. Poaching may involve the slaughter or endangered species for a variety of reasons. Yet, in most cases, the reason is based on financial incentive. Many times, poaching is done simply for profit.
Poaching animals sometimes occurs because a specific species is causing problems for people in the area. For example, poachers may kill animals for farmers that have had issues with those animals. In some cases, farmers have animals killed in order to protect their flock and in other cases, it is done simply to avert any problems. In addition, farmers often fear that they will be attacked by the animals, in addition to the farm animals being attacked.
The most frequent reason for poaching involves a financial incentive for some part of the animal. For example, some poachers kill animals for the skins of those animals. Certain animals are known for the luxurious coats which are coveted by some individuals, whom are often willing to  pay large sums of money.
Poachers also kill mothers of animals, such as chimpanzees, so that they can get the young and sell them as pets or to the entertainment industry. In some cases, entire groups have been slaughtered, simply to take several babies.
Poaching has been a serious problem in national wildlife parks where endangered species are protected. Unfortunately, it is often the endangered species that are highest on the poachers priority list.



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