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Ohio deer hunting, like any Ohio hunting, requires a permit which is issued through the state.There may be special hunting license granted in cases where hunts are required to thin a population of animal. For example, special deer hunting permits may be granted when it is found that a certain area of land is unable to support the population of deer in that area. Overpopulation can lead to starvation and disease, was well as close encounters with humans.
Ohio deer hunting licenses my be granted to in state and out of state residents. The application and fee for licenses for out of state residents may differ than those granted to in state residents. Ohio hunting in general, requires  a license for those that reside in the state, as well as out of state residents.
The purpose of the hunting license is to provide revenue for the state. Often, that revenue is used for state parks and other wildlife areas. In addition, the revenue generated from an Ohio hunting license may also be used to have courses which allow hunters to educate themselves as to the regulations in the state.
In fact, there may be several types of course. One course may strictly focus on the rules and regulations for Ohio deer hunting, while others may focus on state wide regulations for all types of hunting. In addition, the state may offer safety classes which could include basic first aid, as well as the procedures for hunters that become lost in the forest.



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