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Monkeys in Arizona

Monkeys in ArizonaIn the United States, there are some animal enthusiasts that will
consider obtaining monkeys and keep them as pets. For the most part,
keeping monkeys as pets is generally not recommended by experts, simply
based on the fact that monkeys are wild animals and are meant to live
within in their natural habitats. Regardless, the practice of keeping
monkeys as pets is an occurrence in the United States.

However, there
are laws regarding primate pets, which are regulated at the state
level. In Arizona, keeping monkeys is not considered to be illegal,
though it does apply to specific types of monkeys. In Arizona, a permit
is required to keep monkeys which are considered to be great apes as
pets. These monkeys or apes would include chimpanzees, gorillas, and
orangutans. All other types of monkeys are considered to be illegal to
have as pets in the state of Arizona.