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Enviromental Laws At A Glance

Enviromental Laws At A GlanceGenerally speaking, every country or nation will have some sort of
environmental laws in place. The environmental laws, however, will
differ greatly in terms of how they are applied and to what particular
extent they are actually enforced. Developed countries such as the
United States will prove to have more strict regulations in regards to
environmental laws, often times having strict policies that are meant
to protect the environment.

However, developing or third world
countries may prove to have environmental laws that are more lax in
their nature. Furthermore, environmental laws that exist may not always
be strictly enforced by the applicable agencies in such countries. Even
though the environment is a general concern of the entire world’s
population, some countries may simply not have the financial means to
implement certain environment control or preservation programs when
aspects such as hunger and a faltering economy may take precedence.