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Use for Baiting

Use for Baiting

Baiting is often used in order to trap animals so that they can be poached or sold. In fact, baiting is most often used with dangerous animals. In some case, poachers wish to take the babies alive to sell and they must first deal with the parents. The poachers may bait a trap and kill the mother, before making off with the babies.
Baiting is often utilized to protect a poachers safety, as many adult animals can easily kill a human. For example, poachers that wish to kill adult tigers, may bait the adults and kill them for the hides. The poachers may then take the babies and sell them to those that wish to have them as pets. The entertainment industry, such as circuses, often purchase animals in this way as well.
Baiting may be utilized to get an animal into a trap or to a specific area where the poacher has the advantage. Perhaps the poacher will put food on the ground and then while the animal is distracted, the poacher kills the animal. In other cases, baiting is done with poisoned food, so that the animal dies upon consumption.
Poaching is a serious problem in many parts of the world. Baiting makes it easy for poachers to get away with the crime, while ensuring their own safety. However the use of traps and bait, often makes it much easier to discover the location of poachers and many poachers opt for less obvious methods.



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