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International Environmental Law

The environmental Law Institute is recognized for their knowledge on environmental issues, including laws which should be enacted to protect the environment. They seek to educate the public, as well as lawmakers, through their publications and newsletters which confront environmental and legal issues.
International environmental law has been largely based on the findings of the Environmental Law institute. The organization is made up of researchers and lawyers that frequently publish pertinent research findings. Those publications my have differing target audiences but are often geared towards enacting change.
The Environmental law institute conducts research on the impact big businesses have on the environment. International environmental law is greatly influenced by the research which seeks to allow businesses to prosper, while also protecting the fragile environment.
Research is often sent to lawmakers, businesses and others that have the opportunity to enact change. In addition to several publications, the organization also holds seminars in order to educate officials and the public alike.
They may publish impact studies which clearly show the impact that certain actions have had on the environment. However, they also offer solutions, so that businesses can continue to operate, while acting responsibly.
In addition to enacting change in international environmental laws, the Environment Law  Institute also provides businesses with the opportunity to learn responsible business practices which allow them to thrive. In fact, the organization shares equal focus between prosperous businesses and protecting the environment.



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