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DHEC Complaints At A Glance

DHEC Complaints At A Glance

The Department of Health and Environmental Control is the governmental agency in the state of South Carolina that is responsible for overseeing and promoting general health and controlling issues revolving the environment. Various aspects are overseen by the DHEC, such as food safety issues, maintenance of public facilities, and safety and maintenance regulations involving public facilities.

However, there are cases in which DHEC complaints will be filed, often times in regards to violations done by businesses and individuals. However, often times, it may occur that the DHEC complaints are unfounded or untrue, which can sometimes lead to DHEC false charges. If DHEC false charges are brought against a person or individual, it is important to obtain legal representation.
Proving that DHEC false charges have been made may prove to be a difficult task, and thus, obtaining the services of a skilled attorney in this particular area will be necessary in order to avoid any possible legal damages.