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What Are The Animal Testing Facts

What Are The Animal Testing Facts

Animal testing statistics indicate that there have been many changes to the practice. In fact, many companies have stopped the practice all together. However, there has been an increase in animal testing in some industries, mostly to avoid liability issues when the products are used on humans.
Animal testing facts include an increase of the use of animals in psychology studies. In fact, college students take part in studies that include the use of animals, many times in a non fatal environment. For example, rats are often used in studies which test cause and effect relationships. These studies, which often use a reward and punishment scheme, have been used to better understand the brain process.
Animal testing facts indicate that rats have a reward center in their brain, which works similarly to humans. In fact, drug tests conducted on rats have helped scientist to better understand how some drugs work and why they are beneficial to patients.
Animal testing statistics include a decrease use of animals by some cosmetic companies. As companies switch to more natural ingredients, the chance of a human having an interaction with a product decrease substantially. In fact, the use of natural ingredients in many industries has led to a decrease in  the need for animal testing.
 Animal testing statistics indicate an increase in some industries and a decrees in others. As regulations become more stringent, many companies have opted out of using animals in their testing.

Read This To Stop Animal Testing

Read This To Stop Animal TestingThere are many consumers that are against animal testing. In fact, some companies have stopped the practice because some  consumers will no longer purchase products which are sold by companies that take part in animal testing.

In order to completely stop animal testing, companies must utilize alternative testing methods which may be more expensive and difficult to carry out. However, companies are finding that the expense of lost business is far greater than the expense of alternative testing.

The movement against animal testing is not new. In fact, there has been a movement against animal testing since the practice first began. However, there are now many groups that work against companies that conduct animal tests. Those groups now have larger budgets, which are utilized in their  public education campaigns.

Some groups take  extreme measures to ensure that animal testing receives publicity. For example, some groups have paid for extensive ad campaigns against companies that use animals in tests.

In addition, there have been intensive efforts by those that are against animal testing, to work on alternative ways to test products. For example, there are many computer programs which can now simulate the results of some animal testing, such as the testing conducted in psychology. In addition, chemical tests can instead be analyzed by a computer, rather than through the use of animal testing.