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Read This To Stop Animal Testing

Read This To Stop Animal TestingThere are many consumers that are against animal testing. In fact, some companies have stopped the practice because some  consumers will no longer purchase products which are sold by companies that take part in animal testing.

In order to completely stop animal testing, companies must utilize alternative testing methods which may be more expensive and difficult to carry out. However, companies are finding that the expense of lost business is far greater than the expense of alternative testing.

The movement against animal testing is not new. In fact, there has been a movement against animal testing since the practice first began. However, there are now many groups that work against companies that conduct animal tests. Those groups now have larger budgets, which are utilized in their  public education campaigns.

Some groups take  extreme measures to ensure that animal testing receives publicity. For example, some groups have paid for extensive ad campaigns against companies that use animals in tests.

In addition, there have been intensive efforts by those that are against animal testing, to work on alternative ways to test products. For example, there are many computer programs which can now simulate the results of some animal testing, such as the testing conducted in psychology. In addition, chemical tests can instead be analyzed by a computer, rather than through the use of animal testing.

Find Out The Alternatives to Animal Testing

Find Out The Alternatives to Animal Testing

Alternatives to animal testing have been increasing, as a result of the efforts of organizations against animal testing. In fact, these groups have developed many alternative methods of testing, including computer simulations and chemical tests.
Alternatives to animal testing include an increased use of computers. There are many ways that a computer program can simulate many of the animal tests now conducted by many schools and corporations.
For example, computer simulators are now used by many colleges when students are studying the rewards center in the human brain. Previously, rats were used to show how the reward system worked. Instead the same test is shown on a computer, with a lifelike rat taking part in the maze test and other tests.
Computer simulators can also analyze date from chemical testing, which may help to determine what type of reaction a human may have to a product. Utilizing past data from animal tests, the computer can analyze chemical reactions to determine if there could be negative side effects from the use of a product.
As new animal testing alternatives are developed, many companies now rely on past animal testing data. They may for example, analyze several tests in which different products were used, in order to see if a new product, which has those same ingredients, would cause any harm to a human.