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Texas Hunting

A Texas hunting license can be obtained at over fifteen hundred locations.
The Texas hunting license may be purchased at locations such as sporting good stores, gun stores and bait and tackle shops. However, certain types of Texas hunting licenses may only be purchased at the headquarters in Austin or from other specific locations.
A Texas hunting license may be used immediately in most cases. However, when animals are required to be tagged, such as a turkey, there  may be a wait period involved before an individual can use the license. In addition, commercial hunting license may only be purchased at certain locations and have different restrictions than standard hunting licenses.

A Texas hunting license requires that the individual pay a fee. In addition, many locations which sell the license, may also require an additional administrative fee, to cover their costs of selling the license.
A Texas hunting license may require that the hunter have proof that they have taken part in safety courses. Those courses may include weapons classes, basic hunting safety and first aid. However, every hunter should learn as much as they can on their own, to avoid the potential for accidents or injury. In addition, many hunters can become lost in the wilderness and hunters should purchase maps and take other precautions when going into the Texas wilderness.



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