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Fishing and Hunting At A Glance

Fishing and Hunting At A Glance

Fishing and hunting are popular past times in the United States. In fact, many hunters also fish. Yet, there are different rules and regulations which govern the two past times. In most cases, hunters must carry a state permit, and those that are fishing must also carry a fishing permit.
There are in fact many legal similarities between the two pastimes. In both case, individuals must apply for a permit and they must only go hunting or fishing on public land or on  private land that they have permission to be on. In most jurisdictions, permits are still required even when on private land.
Hunters often take safety courses, even when they are not required to do so. These classes may offer discussions on weapons safety. In fact, they may discuss specific models of weapons and any issues those weapons may have. For example, certain guns are more prone to jamming.
The classes may also cover basic first aid in case the hunter should become injured or if they should come across someone that is injured. In many states, these types of classes are required in order to promote safety and prevent accidents.
Fishing permits and licenses may also require a basic course. In addition to covering basic first aid and safety precautions, the class will likely include a discussion about state regulations. Those regulations may include a catch and release requirement in certain  areas or a size and amount limit on fish.



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