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Read This To Stop Animal Cruelty

Read This To  Stop Animal Cruelty

There have been great efforts by law enforcement in order to stop animal cruelty. The increase in animal cruelty incidence, as seen in many animal cruelty pictures available online, has led to an increase in efforts to educate the public and the inclusion of harsher penalties for those found guilty of animal cruelty.
In order to stop animal cruelty, law enforcement has steeped up efforts to catch those responsible. In recent years, there have been an increase in undercover operations which include officers attending rooster fights or dog fights. Often, they take animal cruelty pictures while they are present, in order to have evidence against those responsible.
These undercover operations have resulted in many arrests in places such as New York and Connecticut. The animal fighting rings often involve a large scale operation and undercover operations have resulted in multiple arrests at a time. The penalties for such cases is often harsh when compared to what it had been in the past.
In order to stop animal cruelty, there have also been public education campaigns, aimed at presenting knowledge about the proper way to care for animals. During these campaigns, law enforcement often offers rewards for those that report incidence of animal cruelty, when those  reports result in an arrest.
There have been many changes made, including background checks at animal shelters. In the past, people used to be able to leave with an animal that day. However, that is no longer he case, especially for certain types of pets, such as pit bulls.



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