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Park Owner Fined $1,339,000 for Water and Waste Violations

Park Owner Fined $1,339,000 for Water and Waste Violations

On October 1, 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced that they reached settlement for 4,300 Clean Water Act violations in 15 mobile home parks in PA and 900 Safe Drinking Water Act violations at 30 mobile home parks in the state.

The complaints were filed against Frank Perano who owned, operated, and managed mobile home parks in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.  The state and federal government will split the monetary compensation.  

Mr. Perano faced Clean Water Act violations for illegally discharging partially treated or untreated sewage into streams nearby while failing to properly operating or maintaining treatment facilities.  The Safe Drinking Water Act violations stem from Mr. Perano allowing certain pollutants to exceed federal standards and failing to inform residents of the water problems.  

Mr. Perano is also ordered to take the following steps as part of the plea agreement:

•    hire an approved environmental consultant to perform audits at each park on the treatment, collection, and drinking water systems
•    correct the violations in a timely manner with supervision from the EPA and PADEP
•    undergo monthly compliance evaluations
•    work with an environmental consultant to help teach Perano how to decrease his impact to the environment and from repeating similar violations in the past
•    pay penalties for any future violations

According to Shawn M. Garvin, the EPA Regional Administrator, “This settlement protects human health and the environment by requiring the defendants to improve their environmental management systems, and achieve compliance at their numerous mobile home parks.  While reinforcing our commitment to environmental justice for rural communities, the case demonstrates the benefits of federal and state agencies working together to hold chronic violators of environmental regulations accountable for their actions.”  

Source: Environmental Protection Agency