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ME and NH Residents Receive Green Communications Option

ME and NH Residents Receive Green Communications Option


On November 16, 2012, the Department of Energy (DOE) praised the collaborative efforts of FairPoint Communications Inc and Crius Energy LLC.  The two companies entered a marketing agreement to provide Maine and New Hampshire consumers with a green telecom option.  FairPoint Energy, LLC, the licensed name by FairPoint Communications and the subsidiary of Crius Energy, now provides green retail energy services and other packages like green cable, internet, and phone options. 

The marketing agreement is a shining example of the energy and communications sectors coming together to provide services that standard energy and communications companies simply cannot provide. 

The shift to alternative fuels and growing consumer awareness about green energy will likely generate similar marketing agreements and partnerships in the future. 

Michael Fallquist, the chief executive officer for Crius Energy, said: “The launch of an energy solution is a natural progression in expanding FairPoint Communications’ suite of excellent products and services and will provide great economical and renewable energy options to its customers.”

Eligible Maine and New Hampshire residents currently receive electricity from Central Maine Power Company, Bangor Hydro Electric Company, or Public Service Company.  Consumers have the option to receive energy from wind turbines. 

Tony Tomae, the executive vice president and chief revenue officer for FairPoint Commuications, stated: “Enrollment is simple and seamless, allowing customers to sign up through the FairPoint call centers, easily selecting an alternative energy supplier while staying with their current utility company for distribution.”

About the Companies

FairPoint Communications provides broadband internet, telephone, television, and other data and voice services throughout communities in 18 states.  The company offers service for residential, business, and wholesale needs, and the bandwidth provided by the fiber network allows for cloud-based applications. 

Crius Energy is a network of energy companies in the following 10 states: Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  They serve thousands of customers in the residential and business market. 

FairPoint Energy is not affiliated with FairPoint Communications or subsidies because the name was licensed to Crius.  The subsidiary of Crius provides 100 percent green energy to consumers in Maine and New Hampshire.  The landmark license agreement between the two companies provided customers in the northern part of New England with the first retail energy options.  The registration is still pending, but FairPoint Communications will market the service as FairPointEnergySM. 

Source: Department of Energy and FairPoint Communications