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Environmental Law Overview

Environmental Law Overview

Environmental law covers a myriad of topics that involve the protection of the environment. Environmental law also encompasses avenues of legal recourse through which victims of environmental disasters can go.

Environmental law has has state, local, and federal provisions that are designed to ensure a livable quality of air and water. Most environmental laws target businesses who are guilty of contributing to the pollution of the air and water.

Such regulatory action is justified when certain environmental pollutants have been linked to extinction of wildlife and to the increased toxicity of the human body. As a result of environmental pollution, particularly water pollution, pregnant mothers have been warned not to eat fish because the mercury in the fish poses a threat to the development of a healthy baby. 

The Environmental Protection Agency is the federal watchdog for the environmental mismanagement of irresponsible business who dump toxins into the water or Air. The EPA has the authority to arrest and fine violators of the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act. Knowing environmental law is crucial to operating a business because the effects of pollution are becoming increasingly prominent in today’s world.