Environmental Law

Purpose of an Enviromental Lawyer

Purpose of an Enviromental Lawyer

Environmental lawyers can specialize in cases in which an
individual or entity is accused of taking some action or inaction,
which had a negative impact on the environment. In many states, the
environmental lawyer may be hired by the state to prosecute cases in
which individuals or entities are thought to be responsible for some
contamination in the environment in that state.

lawyers may also be involved in cases which attempt to prevent
companies from conducting business in certain areas. For example,
environmental lawyers may prevent logging companies from working in
environmentally sensitive areas. The lawyer is not attempting to
prevent a company from conducting business at all, but simply
attempting to minimize the impact on the environment.

lawyers may also attempt to shut down companies which have repeatedly
violated environmental law and knowingly caused pollution. 

Enviromental Laws At A Glance

Enviromental Laws At A GlanceGenerally speaking, every country or nation will have some sort of
environmental laws in place. The environmental laws, however, will
differ greatly in terms of how they are applied and to what particular
extent they are actually enforced. Developed countries such as the
United States will prove to have more strict regulations in regards to
environmental laws, often times having strict policies that are meant
to protect the environment.

However, developing or third world
countries may prove to have environmental laws that are more lax in
their nature. Furthermore, environmental laws that exist may not always
be strictly enforced by the applicable agencies in such countries. Even
though the environment is a general concern of the entire world’s
population, some countries may simply not have the financial means to
implement certain environment control or preservation programs when
aspects such as hunger and a faltering economy may take precedence.

Know The Purpose Of Environmental Law

Know The Purpose Of Environmental Law

Environmental law is a complex group of laws and regulations which operate to regulate the interaction of human life to the natural environment. Environmental laws consist of treaties, conventions, statutes and regulations. Often environmental law falls under common law. The purpose of environmental law is to protect and preserve the environment. There are two main subjects of environmental laws, control of pollution, and the conservation and management of land.

Both sections of environmental law protect land, air, water, and soil. When a person acts negligently to the environment and breaks an environmental law, punishments are given. Punishments can vary but may include: fines, community service, and even jail time. Environmental laws which are commonly broke include: littering, dumping hazardous materials into bodies of water, starting forest fires, and polluting watershed property.

What Are The Dog Laws

What Are The Dog LawsWhen it comes to the ownership of dogs, and just about any kind of other pet, there will be certain regulations in place that are meant to not only protect the dogs themselves, but the community as a whole. Dog laws exist to control dogs from causing any harm to other people, property, or even other dogs.

Dog laws essentially make the owners of these dogs responsible and liable for the actions of their dogs. However, dog laws also exist to protect the health of dogs as well, requiring that their owners take the necessary steps in providing care for their pets.
Typically speaking, dog laws are imposed on the local level, though there are also more encompassing state laws and regulations in place. Therefore, each state and local jurisdiction will have its own dog laws in place. Examples of typical dog laws are in regard to leash laws, dog barking ordinances, vaccinations, dog registration, dangerous dog laws, and general health issues.